Hatch Brilliance is the marketplace for lab-grown diamonds. Based in Washington, DC, our team of gemologists, designers, and sales pros have obsessed over diamonds for nearly a century. So when you buy from us, you don’t just get gorgeous diamonds. You get diamond experts you can trust.

At these prices, diamonds are a man’s best friend.

What used to take millions of years now takes a few months. The process is still costly. But we sell diamonds for 50 - 70% less than traditional ones. So you can make her the happiest girl in the world, without sending your wallet into a deep depression.

The money-saving train doesn’t stop there, though. We also offer free US-shipping, free lifetime warranties, and free returns. Plus, if you find a ring somewhere else, we’ll match the exact make and quality for the same price—or even less.

To learn more about prices, policies, and insurance, visit this section.

There’s more to us
than meets the eye.

Our engagement rings look awesome. But looks aren’t everything, right? Rest-assured, our diamonds are 100% conflict-free. These beautiful stones are ethically-sourced from around the world. All without harming the earth or its people, one little bit.

Nothings beats diamond
shopping in sweatpants.

Enjoy the benefits of brick-and-mortar shopping from the comfort of home. We’ve engineered our online-shopping experience to be the best of both worlds: a pressure-free browsing zone, with experts standing by if needed. Ready to talk to someone face-to-face? Head on over to our consultation services.

Custom jewelry? Yeah. We do that.

We love collaborating on custom pieces. And we’ve got our process down pat. We’ll start with a baseline budget, then we’ll get to know you and your partner. With that, we’ll set a framework for your personality and personal style, which we’ll infuse into your design. If you have pictures, drawings, anything—we’d love to see them. If not, that’s OK, too.

When you’re ready, we’ll look at diamonds and gemstones. We’ll find some you like, sketch some designs, then render those with our 3D-CAD software. Along the way, we’ll check in to see what you think. Never rushing; never sleeping until we get it right.

Once you’re feeling good, we’ll create a wax model of your vision. That way, you can hold a prototype in your hand, giving you a perfect picture of how it’ll look. Once everything’s approved, our master jewelers will work their magic and bring the design to life in the metal you choose.

Meet the brilliant minds behind Hatch Brilliance.

Dino Lonzano

Our founder and lead designer simply loves working with clients to create timeless, original pieces. After earning his gemology degree at GIA in Santa Monica, CA and Design Degree in Florence, Italy,he cut his teeth designing jewelry in DC, LA, and NYC. In the mid-90s, he ran a boutique diamond house in NYC’s Diamond District. Shortly thereafter, he opened a retail location in DC, which has since earned a five-star reputation as a fine jewelry store. As a member of the American Gem Society, he always has his hand on the pulse of the industry. After learning about the benefits of lab-grown diamonds, he and his team put their passion, expertise, and excitement into launching Hatch Brilliance. He is the father of two wonderful boys, and a husband to an intelligent, gorgeous, and incredible wife who loves compliments.

Stefano is a creative director and design pro with a knack for finding creative solutions for individuals and organizations. After several years working for brands in both LA and DC, Stefano has become captivated by human emotion and its role in design. With the perfect blend of empathy and style, Stefano creates beautiful designs on the screen—and in-person. Immersed in the jewelry industry over the past five years, Stefano is also deeply aware of all-things-diamonds. Whether it’s the technical and manufacturing side, or the superficial styling of pieces, Stefano has unparalleled taste in the jewelry game.

James Morris

As our business development guru, Celine helps grow our audience, promote the brand, and match clients with the perfect piece of jewelry. She seeks long-term customer relationships that are built upon an atmosphere of respect and genuine engagement, not high-pressure sales. And her success proves that’s a winning strategy. After 20 years in the diamond business, her passion revolves around building relationships and educating clients on the importance of sustainable awareness and the possibility of attainable luxury.

Sanjaya is the rock behind our technical operations. While the rest of us gawk at diamond-growing technology, Sanjaya balances us out with his grasp of everyday IT. Since Hatch Brilliance is a mostly online entity, Sanjaya handles the code and UX behind our storefront. And he does everything he can to make the diamond-buying experience easier for consumers. With 15+ years of experience, a BS in Management and Technical Sciences, and an MBA, Sanjaya prides himself on being a lifelong learner.