You can't have love
without chemistry

We specialize in lab-grown diamonds.
Chemically speaking, our diamonds are
identical to mined ones since we
hatch them from diamond seeds

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You can't have love
without chemistry

We specialize in lab-grown diamonds.
Chemically-speaking, our diamonds
are identical to mined ones,
since we hatch them from diamond seeds

  • Round Cut Diamonds
  • Emerald Cut Diamonds
  • Heart Shaped Diamonds
  • Princess Cut Diamonds
  • Radiant Cut Diamonds
  • Oval Cut Diamonds
  • Pear Cut Diamonds
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New Arrivals at Hatch

Princess 3.51 Carat Diamond

Princess 3.51 Carat

F | SI1


Princess 3.42 Carat Diamond

Princess 3.42 Carat

F | VVS2


Round 3.32 Carat Diamond

Round 3.32 Carat

H | VS1


Princess 3.28 Carat Diamond

Princess 3.28 Carat

H | SI1


Emerald 3.20 Carat Diamond

Emerald 3.20 Carat

D | VVS2


Round 3.20 Carat Diamond

Round 3.20 Carat

F | SI1


Round 3.19 Carat Diamond

Round 3.19 Carat

H | SI1


Oval 3.18 Carat Diamond

Oval 3.18 Carat

F | SI1


Radiant 3.17 Carat Diamond

Radiant 3.17 Carat

E | VS1


Round 3.15 Carat Diamond

Round 3.15 Carat

G | SI2


Round 3.14 Carat Diamond

Round 3.14 Carat

F | VVS2


Round 3.13 Carat Diamond

Round 3.13 Carat

F | VS1


Oval 3.11 Carat Diamond

Oval 3.11 Carat

H | VS2


Asscher 3.04 Carat Diamond

Asscher 3.04 Carat

F | VS2


Emerald 3.04 Carat Diamond

Emerald 3.04 Carat

F | SI1


Round 3.03 Carat Diamond

Round 3.03 Carat

G | SI1


We've been
down the aisle and back

We love science and technology. Through the modern
art of diamond-making, experience our exquisite inventory from experts you can trust.
Choose your diamond parameters.

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We use pressure to
make diamonds not sell them

With phone and video consultation, plus live-chat,
we can turn all of your questions into answers.
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Our Story

We believe in science and technology
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We are progressive
and the modern art of diamond making fascinates us.
At the same time, we come from a long lineage of gemologists and custom craftsmen.
So with us, you don’t just get beautiful diamonds. You get
diamond experts you can trust.

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We love our Planet

You can't fake chemistry, Lab-created diamonds are identical to mined ones in every way.
They look, feel, and wow—just like traditional earth-mined diamonds,
however; eco-friendly, ethically produced, and available to you at half the cost.

minimal environmental footprint

Minimal Environmental

minimal environmental footprint


ethically produced stone

Ethically Produced

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Certified by the Best

All of our diamonds are certified by premier
gemological institutions.

International Gemological Institute

Gemological Institute)

Gemological Institute of America

Institute of America)

Arctic Gem Lab

(Arctic Gem Lab)

Gem Certification and Assurance Lab

(Gem Certification
and Assurance Lab)